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Men's Baseball Bolivarian Games 2022 - Juegos Bolivarianos 2022 - Official Payoff
Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and Dominican Republic will play for the gold in Valledupar
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Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and Dominican Republic will play for the gold in Valledupar

(Press Release; WBSC-AMERICAS).- The XIX edition of the Bolivarian Games at Valledupar, Colombia, will have four participants in the baseball tournament going for the championship and the gold medal.

Peru, Venezuela, and host Colombia will be joined by the Dominican Republic as an invited nation in an all-around tournament that will decide the champion nation of the event.

For Colombia it is a great opportunity to show how far along they have grown in the sport, as host of the tournament they will try before their home crowd to win the championship.

As for Peru, it is a nation that at a south American baseball level will try to show that they too are a force to be reckon with when they try to outshine the biggest rivals in the game.

For Venezuela it is a chance to show dominance in South America in the sport, probably the only nation in this side of the world that has baseball as their top sport in the country.

The Dominican Republic will try to rain out their party as invitees to the event, one of the powers of the sport in the Caribbean, the island nation will be a more then important rival for this tournament.

Action starts on wednesday at Erasmo Camacho Calamar Stadium at Valledupar when Dominican Republic visits Peru, the next day Colombia debuts receiving Peru, and also Venezuela will face Dominican Republic.

CONSUBE governs this event as part of their baseball schedule, with the firm intent to elevate the competition in South America. An important part of the world to develop baseball.

(WBSC-AMERICAS; Direction of Media Relations)