WBSC Americas Congress will be held in La Guaira, Venezuela

WBSC Americas Congress will be held in La Guaira, Venezuela

(Press Release; WBSC-AMÉRICAS).- La Guaira will host the WBSC Americas Congress, which will be chaired by the president of the institution, also of FEVEBEISBOL, Aracelis León.

The 30 countries that make up WBSC Americas are summoned to attend this important event that will lay the foundations for baseball in the region in the coming years.

The Congress is scheduled to take place on December 1st and 2th and in which they aspire to have the greatest assistance and participation of the countries affiliated with the institution.

La Guaira recently hosted the Women's World Cup Qualifier, so it will once again host an important event of baseball for the continent, with the view of directing the sport in the region in the most efficient way.

Aracelis León has Juan Nuñez as vice president of WBSC Americas and Doctor Jose Quiles as treasurer of the institution, respectively the presidents of the Federations of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

It is expected that most of the summoned countries will be able to attend, however, the logistics are being structured so that those who cannot attend can participate online.

It is expected that the Congress can also be broadcast via the Internet, it will be the first one to be held in Venezuela since Aracelis León assumed the presidency of the institution after her election.

(Media Management; WBSC-AMERICAS)