Venezuela successfully concludes its first national Baseball 5 tournament

Venezuela successfully concludes its first national Baseball 5 tournament

(Nota de Prensa; WBSC-AMÉRICAS).- Este domingo concluyó con la victoria de Lara ante Falcón, el primer torneo nacional de Beisbol 5 realizado en el país, de cara al Campeonato Mundial de México.

(Press Release; WBSC-AMÉRICAS).- The tournament ended on Sunday with Lara's victory against Falcón, the first national Baseball 5 tournament held in the country, ahead of the World Championship in Mexico.

The tournament was held under the supervision of the president of FEVEBEISBOL and WBSC Americas Aracelis León and part of its Board of Directors, the event included live streaming.

Eight States participated in the event, a total of 64 athletes were involved in the competing teams, in addition to eight managers and seven officials (referees, scorers, commissioners).

The tournament took place in half a week, with a total of 36 games, including a final of two games that Lara won by a minimum of 4 to 3 and then 2 to 1 to take this first national trophy.

The event was held in Barquisimeto, Lara in Venezuela with a concurred attendance and it also has the purpose of observing talents to conform the national team for the coming event in Mexico.

The Venezuela National Baseball Team, which will participate in Mexico in the Baseball World Cup 5 at the end of the year, will be selected from the most outstanding talents of this national championship that has just concluded.

The national team will be announced next week, to start working and organizing the travel itinerary to Mexico City to participate in this first world championship.

Venezuela's goal is to reach the trophy in this championship to close the year with a gold medal that will allow them to continue adding points in the world ranking of the discipline.

(Media Management; WBSC-AMERICAS)