Beisbol Américas becomes the unique and exclusive digital identity for WBSC Americas

Beisbol Américas becomes the unique and exclusive digital identity for WBSC Americas

(Press Release; WBSC-AMERICAS BASEBALL).- WBSC Americas launches a single digital identity, on the eve of the U12 World Cup qualifier, the Pan American Baseball Confederation announces the unification of all its social media under the same username: Beisbol Américas.

Therefore, on different social media networks: twitter, tiktok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, WBSC Americas will now be known as Beisbol Américas, offering that unique and exclusive digital identity that will provide information for the media and fans.

In a globalized world in which the user is accustomed to quickly finding information in the palm of his hand, through a laptop, cell phone or tablet, it was necessary to unify the usernames of the institution, to provide just that.

On Friday the U12 World Cup qualifier begins in Aguascalientes, Mexico with the participation of seven nations: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, United States and the host Mexico and the WBSC Americas media team is ready to provide information for all your means.

The live broadcast of games via streaming during the tournament can be found on the Official Youtube channel of WBSC Americas, as well as interviews and special programs.

The detailed information of each game will be available on the twitter account, for results, calendars, brief news and informative threads of everything related to the WBSC Americas baseball tournaments.

Instagram will be available to enjoy graphics, photos, videos, stories and reels with all the events of every WBSC Americas tournament.

Finally, the Tiktok site is launched to take users to live the experience of the protagonists and fans present in the tournaments.

All these social networks, including the WBSC Americas Facebook page, will be found under the same username from now on: Beisbol Américas. Where the best baseball in the world is played.