Executive Committee meets in Miami to plan the coming events
28/08/2023 1 Minute Read

Executive Committee meets in Miami to plan the coming events

(Press Release; WBSC AMERICAS BASEBALL).- The Executive Committee of WBSC Americas met at its offices in Miami, Florida, an important meeting for the remainder of 2023.

President Aracelis Léon was in charge of the meeting, along with vice president Juan Nuñez and the treasurer, Dr. José Quiles, who together with the rest of the members led the agenda for the meeting.

WBSC Americas began planning the next events that will be held in the next competition periods, with a view to maintaining and raising the excellent level of competition that characterizes American baseball.

The different members that make up the Executive Committee talked about the steps to take to hold events in the United States, with the participation of different important people to carry out the project.

Rick Hatcher President and Ryan Stricklen Vice President of Treasure Coast Sports, George Linley Executive Director of Palm Beach Country Sports Commission, Amanda C. Ford Manager of Sports & Entertainment Manager of Miami Sports Commission, Michael Sophia, Director of Ball Park of Palm Beaches, Tommy Cassel Business Development Director of Lee Country Sports Development Commission and Jeff Mielke, Executive Director Lee County were among those involved.

Maintaining the high level of Baseball competition in America and specifying upcoming events and dates will be the challenge to meet in the coming months, according to those established in the agenda.