Scoring, umpiring and Baseball5 course takes place in Cartagena
06/09/2023 1 Minute Read

Scoring, umpiring and Baseball5 course takes place in Cartagena

(Press Release; WBSC AMERICAS BASEBALL).- Among the activities that WBSC Americas carries out to train and update different sports professionals, is the course that takes place in Cartagena, Colombia.

The scoring, umpiring and Baseball5 course that takes place in Colombia is certified by WBSC Américas Beisbol and is organized by the Colombian Baseball Federation.

Oscar Eduardo Izaguirre is the professional in charge of carrying out the instruction in scoring, while Miguel Hernández carries out the refereeing and Francisco López the Baseball5.

Oscar Izaguirre has extensive experience in sports scoring, with participation in an important number of international competitions including the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Miguel Hernández has extensive experience as a baseball umpire, being director of Venezuela Umpire Camp and different technical commissions of national and international championships.

Meanwhile, Francisco López is an international offical for Beisbol5, present at the last World Cup of the discipline that was held in Mexico.

These professionals will carry out this training activity that WBSC Américas makes available, with the help of the Colombian Baseball Federation, to attendees in Cartagena, including certification by WBSC Américas Beisbol.