Baseball 5 Course is taught successfully in Peru

Baseball 5 Course is taught successfully in Peru

(Press Release; WBSC AMÉRICAS BASEBALL).- Since yesterday and until January 20, a Baseball 5 training course has been held in Peru, as part of the training activities planned by WBSC Américas Beisbol.

The four-day course is taught by Francisco López, who is an international official of the discipline, to the people attending the training course in Peru.

The course is sponsored by the WBSC Continental Associations Development Fund, one of many that are planned to be carried out this year.

An important part of the growth of sport at an international level has to do with the training of professionals in all its areas.

This course held in Peru will be part of the development for the nation in the discipline that is beginning to take great steps worldwide.

(Media Department; Guillermo Yáber Llanos)