United States will play for the gold and Venezuela for bronze in the U12 World Cup
06/08/2023 1 Minute Read

United States will play for the gold and Venezuela for bronze in the U12 World Cup

(Nota de Prensa; WBSC-AMÉRICAS).- Las victorias de Estados Unidos y Venezuela en la última fecha de la Super Ronda fueron suficientes para meterlos en la lucha por las medallas.

(Press Release; WBSC-AMERICAS).- The victories of the United States and Venezuela in the last date of the Super Round were enough to put them in the Medal Round.

The Dominican Republic could not win in the Super Round, while Panama and Mexico said goodbye with victories in their matches in the Placement Round.

The United States defeated Venezuela 11-4 in their first game of the Super Round, eventually earning them a spot in the final with that victory. Before losing to Japan 7-0 and beating host Chinese Taipei 11-3 to clinch the spot in the final.

After that first defeat in the Super Round, Venezuela recovered with two consecutive walk off wins, first against the Dominican Republic 8-2 in seven innings and then Korea 5-4 also in seven innings, to secure their spot in the Medal Round.

The Dominican Republic failed in the Super Round, falling first to the host Chinese Taipei, by shutout 4-0, then they were walked off by Venezuela and finished with a 13-1 defeat against Japan, which left them with no opportunity to go to the Medal Round.

Meanwhile, in the Placement Round, Mexico began with a close 3-2 victory against Panama, but then came out on top by beating the Czech Republic 15-0 in four innings and New Zealand 29-0 to close the Round.

Panama rose after the defeat against Mexico with victories 13 to 3 against Australia in five innings and then defeating Germany 9 to 2.

The United States will be a visitor in the final against Chinese Taipei on Sunday morning, but before that, in the early morning, Venezuela will also be a visitor against Japan, looking for the bronze.

(Media Department; WBSC-AMERICAS)