First University Baseball League (LBU)

First University Baseball League (LBU)
At the center Núñez Nepomuceno and Antonio Acosta: presidents of Fedobe and COD respectively, together with the sports directors of the participating universities.

With information from the Fedobe press office

The Dominican Baseball Federation (Fedobe) announced the formation of the first University Baseball League (LBU) in which eleven universities of the country will participate in a competition that will last around three months. Tentatively, the start date of the tournament will be August 13 of this year with dates each weekend.

The announcement was made from the facilities of the Dominican Olympic Committee (COD), which was attended by the president of Fedobe, Juan Núñez Nepomuceno along with Antonio Acosta Corletto, president of the COD, Roque García, director of the Commission University Sports Department (Miderec), and the different university sports directors.

"It is a great project that aims to solve a situation that we have had for years, we refer to our boys, the players who left schools and universities to materialize their dream of reaching the big leagues. Our League will serve as support for those young people who saw their dreams of playing baseball frustrated, now they can resume and achieve a university career precisely by playing the sport that we are so passionate about", said Juan Núñez.

"The LBU is a desire that for years we were looking for a way to achieve, and today I proudly see the light that I waited so long for, that our athletes understand that beyond being professionals on baseball, it can also be achieved by resuming or continuing their studies. This could not be possible without the long-awaited approval of the universities, we will give back the desire to be professionals to our boys ”, asserted the president of Fedobe.

"This is a development, promotion and results plan, and it is that sports should go to schools and universities, in large countries we see that this is where they get their great athletes, for this I want to publicly congratulate the Fedobe and the university sports directors for this great step. This is the way forward, they can count on our support, initiatives like these are the ones that we must support ”, commented Acosta Corletto, president of the (COD).

The sports directors of the different universities agreed that this will be a great opportunity for their baseball players to stay active for three months each year.

To be part of the LBU Fedobe and play with any of the teams from the different universities, the only requirement is to be an active student, there will be no age limits.