Nine nations seek four World Cup spots in the U12 Baseball World Cup qualifier
10/05/2023 1 Minute Read

Nine nations seek four World Cup spots in the U12 Baseball World Cup qualifier

(Press Release; WBSC-AMERICAS BASEBALL).- Nine national teams will meet starting on the 19th of the month in Aguasclalientes, Mexico to participate in the World Cup qualifier of the category, looking for four spots in the World Cup.

The venues and the game schedule are already known, the nine participants will face each other in a 36-match all-against-all, the best four will advance to the medal games and to the World Cup in the category.

The action will take place in the Ferrocarrilero "Gonzalo Villalobos" stadium and in the Children's Sports Training Center, better known as CECADI with two games per day in each stadium.

Opening day will be starred by eight of the participating teams, starting at 10am (local time) the Dominican Republic visiting Cuba at the Ferrocarrilero stadium, while Colombia will host the United States at CECADI.

At 3pm Venezuela will visit Puerto Rico and in parallel Mexico will host Panama.

Brazil will rest the first day and each team will have a rest day during the opening round in which the four teams that will go to the medal round and the World Cup will be determined.

On Sunday, May 28, the decisive games will take place between the four best of the opening round, being the positions 3 and 4 those who will play for the bronze medal, while first against second will do so for the gold.

It is expected that the different games of the tournament will be broadcast by different local television stations and by streaming platforms of WBSC Americas Baseball