Eight nations will play for the championship at the Pan American Games in Santiago
07/09/2023 1 Minute Read

Eight nations will play for the championship at the Pan American Games in Santiago

(Press Release; WBSC AMERICAS BASEBALL).- The Pan American baseball tournament in Santiago, Chile starts on October 18 with the host receiving the Central American games champion.

Mexico (co-champion of the Central American Games) will be the head of group A, also in their group the Dominican Republic, Panama and the host Chile.

Venezuela, bronze in the Central American games Championship, is the head of group B in which it will face the runner-up of the Central American tournament Cuba, in addition to Brazil and Colombia.

Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba are the top three countries in the WBSC Americas by tournament ranking, the Opening Round will define the two teams from each group that will advance to the Super Round.

On October 28 there will be the medal games between the four best teams that finish the Super Round, to define the Pan American baseball champion.

Countries like the Dominican Republic and Panama are always dangerous foes, while Colombia is emerging, Brazil is perhaps the second-best team in South America and Chile is always dangerous as host.

The competition is scheduled from October 18 to 28, on the first day Chile will be homeclub versus Mexico, on the second day Panama visits the Dominican Republic and Venezuela visits Brazil, while Cuba and Colombia debut on the third day.

More than 160 baseball players will shine at this event that will define the best team in America, a competition that will be part of the Pan American Games celebration in Santiago, Chile.