Women's World Cup Qualifier to be played in La Guaira on august 12th

Women's World Cup Qualifier to be played in La Guaira on august 12th

(Press Release; WBSC-AMERICAS).- The women's World Cup Qualifier is ready to start on august 12th in La Guaira, six nations will be playing for four spots available in the event.

In La Guaira, host Venezuela will host the teams of Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, a tournament that will be played during that week in the Forum Stadium next to the bay.

On august 12th playball will be called and the six teams will play three games starting with Mexico visiting the Dominican Republic, later Puerto Rico will host Cuba and after the inaugural ceremony host nation Venezuela will receive Nicaragua.

On saturday august 13th another three games starting with Cuba visiting the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua doing the same against Mexico and Venezuela will also be visitors against Puerto Rico.

The 14th of august another three duels, Dominican Republic visits Nicaragua, then Puerto Rico receives Mexico and Venezuela closes out visiting Cuba before a day off on august 15th.

Play returns on tuesday august 16th with Nicaragua visiting Cuba, Puerto Rico visiting the Dominican Republic and Venezuela will host Mexico. On the 17th the opening round closes with duels between Puerto Rico visiting Nicaragua, Cuba visiting Mexico and Venezuela will host Dominican Republic.

Day off the 18th before playing the semifinal round on the 19th, first versus fourth place and second versus third, plus the 5th spot game between the remaining nations.

Tournament closes on the 20th with the bronze medal game between the losers of the semifinals, followed by the championship and the gold medal game between the semifinals winners..

(Direction of Media Relations; WBSC-AMÉRICAS)