President of WBSC Americas Aracelis León is in Mexico strengthening ties

President of WBSC Americas Aracelis León is in Mexico strengthening ties

(Press Release; WBSC AMERICAS).- The president of WBSC Americas, Aracelis León, is in Mexico City in meetings to strengthen ties for future international events to be held in the country.

“We hope that Mexico can continue to host major international events such as the Copa América, Pan American and World Cup events for the next two years, 2023 and 2024,” said Aracelis León.

Mexico is currently the venue for the Baseball 5 World Cup and the U18 World Cup Qualifier, but it has been, among others, the recent venue for events such as the U15 World Cup and the U23 Pre-World Cup.

Among the meetings that the president of WBSC Americas has on the agenda is reaching agreements and alliances for the training of referees, scorers, technical commissioners and baseball sports leaders.

Aracelis León will continue in Mexico City to reach these agreements, being vital for baseball in America that the North American country can host different events in the coming years.

Aracelis León met more recently with Ana Gabriela Guevara, general director of CONADE with the purpose of strengthening those alliances that will be necessary to achieve these agreements.

These meetings of the president Aracelis León take place in the middle of the FIVE Baseball 5 World Cup in Mexico City, in addition to the U18 World Cup men's Qualifier that is taking place in parallel in Baja California Sur of the Mexican country.

(Media Management; WBSC AMERICAS)