Protection of Athletes and participants against Harassment and Abuse during WBSC Americas events
26/04/2023 2 Minute Read

Protection of Athletes and participants against Harassment and Abuse during WBSC Americas events

(Press Release, WBSC-AMERICAS BASEBALL). The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) approved in the Executive Board on 03/24/2018, the Rules against Harassment and Abuse, in which the WBSC committed to creating a legal framework for athletes and participants where they can feel protected, as well as, the official channels of information.

The foregoing, in accordance with Article 1.4 of the Code of Ethics of the International Olympic Committee (C.O.I.) and other international conventions on the protection of human rights of all parts of the Olympic Movement.

On the other hand, the president of WBSC Americas, Aracelis León, joins the Declaration of Rejection and Abuse, zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment, during any WBSC event and invites everyone to learn about the measures and procedures in matter of protection to all its participants.

For this, it's essential to understand, according to Article 1.4 of the IOC Code of Ethics, Harassment includes "psychological abuse, such as confinement, isolation, verbal aggression, humiliation, intimidation, infantilization or any other treatment that diminishes the sense of identity, dignity and self-esteem; Physical Abuse is also included, expressed as a deliberate and unwanted act that causes a physical trauma or injury.

In the same way, the Code of Ethics exposes Sexual Harassment, as any verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, unwelcome, or being coerced, manipulated or not granted consent. Other unacceptable conduct is the Negligence or failure of a coach or any person with a duty of care towards the athlete, causing harm, or allowing harm or creating imminent danger.

For this, the WBSC has created recommendations and protection procedures during events, first of all, it's important to seek advice and support in the educational material published in Documents on the website

A WBSC Protection Officer will also be present to document the report of harassment and abuse during the event, justify the follow-up, recommend whether it should be sent to the competent bodies, such as the Athletes Commission and Integrity Commission or notify the authorities. premises in criminal matters and last but not least, provide support to any interested person.

There are the following channels for reporting: a) Protection officer; b) Mailing address; c) Physical address for anonymous reports; d) WBSC office; e) Any WBSC official. The complaint, the reports, the investigations and the results will be treated with total confidentiality.

If you require more information or support, please contact the following emails: y