Santiago 2023 Pan American Games open with high expectations
17/10/2023 1 Minute Read

Santiago 2023 Pan American Games open with high expectations

Press Release; WBSC AMÉRICAS BASEBALL).- The president of WBSC Americas Aracelis León, together with the general secretary Jorge Cabrera and the Executive Director Oscar Izaguirre led the Technical Congress prior to the international event.

The teams from Chile, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Mexico were together with the teams from Cuba, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela in the event held in the Olympic Village.

Along with the members of WBSC Americas were other protagonists of the event such as the representatives of Panam Sports René Romero and Tony Meza, in addition to the sport manager of the event Cristian Aravena, the referee director Miguel Hernández, the technical commissioners Guillermo Barillas, Oscar Antonio Izaguirre, Pedro Medina and David Rivera and the assistant director of scorers William Cogollo.

The tournament begins on October 18 with Mexico's duel against host Chile and it will be a unique event that confirms in the South American country WBSC Americas' intention for baseball to be present throughout the continent.

The competition will feature the best teams in America that during this event will have the opportunity to bring the sport to new audiences and to high levels of competitiveness.

It is the dream and intention of WBSC Americas that this event marks a before and after of the discipline in a country like Chile, which has the highest commitment to bringing the discipline to its public.

The Pan American champion will have the honor of being deserving of the maximum complement throughout the continent, in the discipline that dominates much of America and the Caribbean.