WBSC Americas loaded 2022 schedule of successful events
07/01/2023 1 Minute Read

WBSC Americas loaded 2022 schedule of successful events

(Press Release; WBSC-AMERICAS).- This past year 2022, was full of successful events for WBSC Americas, a calendar that included four major Pre-World-Pan American events.

Two of these events were held in Venezuela, the U15 category and the women's category. The first was won by Panama and Venezuela in Valencia, in a decision made due to the rain that prevented the final from being played. While the women's was also won by the hosts of Venezuela in La Guaira.

For their part, the U18 and U23 tournaments were held in Mexico, the U18 category was won by the United States and held in La Paz. While the U23 took place in Aguascalientes and was won by the host Mexico.

Additionally, other events were held in the Americas, such as the South American for adults in Peru, which Brazil took in the final against Argentina. A tournament was also held at the Bolivarian Games in Valledupar, in which the special guest Dominican Republic won the medal.

Successful annotation courses were also held in South American and Central American countries, specifically in Bolivia and Panama to update all attendees.

Finally, the WBSC Americas Congress was held in La Guaira, Venezuela, with the attendance of a large part of the countries that make up the Confederation of America.

This past 2022 was a year full of good events for WBSC Americas, but it is just a beginning of what is expected and planned from now on and what 2023 is expected to provide.

(Media Management; WBSC-AMERICAS)