24/07/2022 - 30/07/2022


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Men's Baseball South American Championship 2022 - Campeonato Sudamericano de Mayores 2022 - Official Payoff
Brazil wins with authority and Ecuador turns the table on Peru
26/07/2022 1 Minute Read

Brazil wins with authority and Ecuador turns the table on Peru

(Press Release; WBSC-AMERICAS).- Second day of play at Villa Maria del Triunfo stadium in Lima was marked by two game very different in the way the were played.

Brazil gave Bolivia no mercy as they beat them by KO 18-1 in five innings, meanwhile, Ecuador and Peru played a close game from start to finish, finally it was the nation at the middle of the earth that took the game 4-3.

Brazil was already winning 9-0 but they failed to score in the fourth inning, Bolivia responded with a run, and the reignited the Amazonian’s offense which scored eight more to win by KO.

Luis Martins pitched four innings to take the win, allowing only two hits, and one unearned run, with a walk and four strikeouts. Pedo Oliveira pitched the fifth inning without any issues.

Offensively for Brazil Iago Novaes went 2-2 with two runs scored and two driven in, with a homer. Also, Felipe Augusto went 1-3 with three driven in and one run scored, and Pedro Okuda went 2-3 with two runs and two rbi´s.

On the other hand, Ecuador and Peru were locked up in a 2-2 tie until the fourth inning when the host nation scored one, but in the sixth their rivals responded with two runs, taking a one run game.

Orlando Leon pitched four innings tolerating two hits and striking out seven batters to take the win.

Offensively Brian Letamendi went 2-2 with three riven in, Ledy Suarez went 2-1 with a run, and Danyelis Garcia went 2-1 with two runs scored.

Argentina and Brazil are unbeaten with 1-0 record, Ecuador and Peru stand at 1-1 and in the bottom of the pack Bolivia with 0-2. On tuesday Brazil will visit Ecuador and Peru will host Argentina, while Bolivia rests.

(WBSC-AMERICAS; Direction of Media Relations)