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Men's Baseball South American Championship 2022 - Campeonato Sudamericano de Mayores 2022 - Official Payoff
Five nations play to claim the XVIII South American Baseball Championship y Peru
21/07/2022 1 Minute Read

Five nations play to claim the XVIII South American Baseball Championship y Peru

(Press Release; WBSC-AMERICAS).- Five nations will battle during a week in Lima, Peru to claim the XVIII edition of the South American Baseball Championship, which will be up for grabs.

Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and host Peru will battle out during the next week, starting sunday, only one of them can be crowned champion in this edition of the tournament and qualification for the Pan American Games Santiago 2023.

Historically Brazil dominates with nine gold medals and another nine finals played, Argentina has played ten finals and has won seven medals and Venezuela is third with three gold medals.

Argentina has had the better showing in the last five tournaments, winning three of them, with Colombia and Brazil taking the other two. The last time this tournament was played in Lima, Peru was in 2016.

Fourteen games will be played during the next week in Lima, four semifinalists will determine what nations will play for the bronze and gold medals during the next weekend of play.

Ecuador will host Argentina in the tournaments first game, after that, Bolivia will host Peru in the first day of play. Brazil will rest the first two days of the tournament before making their debut.

Peru has been host another four times of this tournament and will be looking for their first gold medal, Bolivia is also in search of it´s first and Ecuador will go for their third championship.

Last time they played this tournament in Peru, Argentina beat Brazil for the gold medal, and the host nation came up with the bronze.

(WBSC-AMERICAS; Direction of Media Relations)